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Spring Sessions 2016 Vol 1
Summer Sessions 2016 Vol 2
Fall Sessions 2016 Vol 2
Winter Sessions 2016-17 Vol 2
Spring Sessions 2017 Vol 2
Summer Sessions 2017 Vol 2 aka “Witch Hunt”
Spring Sessions 2016 Vol 2
Summer Sessions 2016 Vol 3
Winter Sessions 2016-17 Vol 1
Winter Sessions 2016-17 Vol 4
Spring Sessions 2017 Vol 3 (Replicant)
Summer Sessions 2017 Vol 3 (Memory Broker)
Summer Sessions 2016 Vol 1
Fall Sessions 2016 Vol 1
Winter Sessions 2016-17 Vol 2
Spring Sessions 2017 Vol 1
Summer Sessions 2017 Vol 1 (Wonder Blunder)

About Zobocopy

Zobocopy is a Las Vegas based music project I started in the early 2000s. I has basically been a way for me to make the music I have wanted, without trying to generalize myself and stick to a certain genre or sound. I do not claim to be the next big thing by any means, but merely want to make music, grow as an artist, and continue to make music that manifests itself in the moment.

The music is typically created in a couple hours on the fly and I can generally get 1 or 2 good projects out on a good night. I am not adept at any instrument in particular, but play guitar, keyboard, and whatever I can get my hands on. I use a lot of technology and a little bit of hardware here and there in my productions. In the end, the goal is to just have fun, make music and share it with those who may want to listen.

The albums I’ve been releasing as sessions or basically what I have created in a short period broken up into seasons, with each “session” being a couple hours in an evening. Eventually I would like to pick out some of the songs I feel stick out and add vocals, but that part of the journey is one I am just embarking on. The music has always been the focus as I’ve always been able to lock down the cadences and vocal placements, but have not gained the skill enough to create the lyrics and record the vocals. As time goes on I hope to have some full mastered collections with vocals released.

Enjoy the music, and if you have questions or comments on anything, feel free to hit me up using the contact form below.

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